Students Breaking Chains

“Each day is a chance to make a difference”

As college students, we have incredible potential to make a change in the world. With a community of motivated young individuals right on our campus, it’s easy to bring them together to have fun while making an impact. That’s why at Breaking the Chain, we encourage our supporters to get their campus involved in the movement in a way that excites them. Whether it’s organizing a party or applying to come with us on a rescue mission, there are plenty of ways to get involved!

How can I get involved?

Start a Breaking the Chain Campus or School Group

A Breaking the Chain Group can support the Breaking the Chain movement by spreading awareness about Breaking the Chain’s commitment to end the rescuing and eradicating child slavery in Ghana and building infrastructure to break the chain of slavery.
If you’d like to start a BTCTE Group on your campus, start by emailing and downloading our Club Toolkit Coming Soon!
For updates on the Club Toolkit and other important announcements about Breaking the Chain Student Clubs sign up below.

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